The competition heats up on semi-finals day!

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Our U14 age group heated up with a massive win for Charlton Athletic who beat Oman’s Al Habsi in a successful 6 – 0 defeat. Reigning champions Seattle Sounders faced a tough match against Leeds United with a close call win of 1 – 0, as Leeds put up a tough defence. ANB Futbol and Sheffield’s Red and White also had a tough match with some fierce competition as they drew to a 2 – 3 result in ANB’s favour. Sheffield Wednesday put up a strong performance beating our newcomers Doncaster Rovers 1 – 0, but later faced defeat against the champions Seattle Sounders who dominated the field in a 4 – 0 result. Charlton Athletic faced more glory in the afternoon as they beat Canadian team ANB Futbol 3 – 0. Al Habsi continued their streak of bad luck into the afternoon as they saw more defeat in a face off with Sheffield United, beating them 5 – 0. Doncaster Rovers went from strength to strength in their afternoon match as they beat Leeds United 7 – 2.

Al Habsi U-14’s v Charlton Athletic U-14’s at the 2018 Youdan Trophy, Sheffield, United Kingdom, 5th August 2018. Photo by Glenn Ashley.

In our U16 category Sheffield United found glory against Northern Ireland’s Maiden City in a 3 – 0 defeat. There was a nail biting finish for Wolves as they played off against one of our strongest contenders GPS USA as their match came down to penalties where GPS USA managed to steal the win. Leeds United showed strong performances in their match against Doncaster Rovers as they pulled a great win with a 4 – 1 result. Sheffield’s own Blue and White also had success as they smashed in two goals against ANB Futbol as they held their own to gain a 2 – 0 win – their success carried them later in the afternoon with a 2 – 1 win against strong side GPS USA, getting them into the final! There was also a narrow loss for Sheffield’s other side, United, as they faced defeat against another Yorkshire team, Leeds United, beating them 2 – 1. Maiden City found their footing later in the afternoon by smashing in 4 goals against newcomers Doncaster Rovers with the game finishing 4 – 1. Wolves also proved themselves a strong side as they stood their ground, beating ANB Futbol 5 – 0.

ANB U-16’s v Wolves U-16’s at the 2018 Youdan Trophy, Sheffield, United Kingdom, 5th August 2018. Photo by Glenn Ashley.


To have access and purchase any photos from throughout the tournament taken by our photographer Glenn Ashley, head over to his website below:

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