The Walking Football Association (WFA) has appointed the Youdan Trophy team as their exclusive Tournament and Tours partner.

This will see both organisations working together to develop this fast-growing sport, which is played by those aged 50+, and blends the expertise the Youdan Trophy team have in events management and football tourism with the ground-breaking work of WFA in creating a sport that allows a huge section of the population to remain active whilst continuing to enjoy competitive football.

In addition, the Youdan Trophy will also fulfil a similar role on behalf of FIWFA – the Federation of International Walking Football Associations with their immediate challenge being to deliver the world’s first ever European Championships in June. First ever tournaments of course being a long-established association with the name Youdan.

Paul Carr, CEO of WFA, in making the announcement said “We have admired the growth in the Youdan Trophy which has stemmed from the quality of the competitions they host and, with their track record of taking care of teams from all over the world, they were a natural choice for us to work with.”

The Youdan team are now getting started on a number of opportunities for WFA led by their Founder, Jock Waugh, who commented on the WFA agreement. “We are always conscious of the many footballing firsts in this area with Sheffield being the birthplace of the game so to have the opportunity to work with the people with the vision to create a wonderful new version of football is truly special. The Youdan Trophy can now boast that it covers players from one end of the age spectrum right through to the other, of both genders, so our vision of a fully inclusive football experience fits perfectly with that of WFA.”

The Walking Football Association is the National Governing Body (NGB) for this new sporting variation of football and was founded in 2016 by Paul Carr (CEO). Walking Football was originally created by John Croot who is also a Director of Chesterfield Football Club and who is a Non-Executive Director of the Walking Football Association. Both John and Paul are also Directors of FIWFA Limited the Federation of International Walking Football Associations.

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